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Interview with Claire Bullimore about Aunty M and BTRS UK Book Tour to raise brain tumour awareness and sharing recovering story
BTRS says, “We're lucky enough to be chosen by Claire Bullimore (aka Aunty M) to be her charity of the month.” A Brain Tumour's Travel Tale Watch the book tour video
Claire Bullimore talked about at the BTRC Brain tumour survivor from Norbury appealing to public to help fund book tour
BTRC shares my new book Just A Girl And Her Thoughts: How I went From Personal Tragedy To Love And Back Read more at Your Local Guardian about how my book tour happened with the help of the public raising funds  Get involved and saves lives by becoming a brain tumour tissue donor. Visit
Read the full case study at  Join the Aunty M Brain Tumour Support Community on Twitter Check out the Champion #3 Profile on Sir Opinionated 
Read the full interview at Inside Croydon where I talk my story and ebook  Check out more brain tumour book recommendations at The Brain Tumour Charity Read the full inspiring article at Relevant Now to see how it all came together


Claire Bullimore is a brain tumour mAss Kicker from the UK. chris cancer community interviews claire bullimore
In my Masskicker's Interview, I share all from how I was diagnosed to why I created Aunty M Brain Tumours Team-Big shares the top 10 brain cancer websites including my blog Aunty M Brain Tumours Read more on ‘Learning to live again!' article in Chris's Cancer Community
A Brain Tumour's Travel Tale is available for purchase at A Brain Tumour's Travel Tale is featured and available for purchase at Savvy Book Writers A Brain Tumour's Travel Tale is available at Angus & Robertson
Visit About.Me to find out more about who I am and what I do Read more about my brain tumour and me at Check out the full list of brain cancer blogs and websites for oncologists in 2018 
Read more about my brain tumour story at Press Reader A Brain Tumour's Travel Tale is now available on Kindle, Paperback, and audio Check out my Good Reads feature at
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